Frequently Asked Questions

To achieve a pass mark grade for individual. Assessments is 40% and you must gain 40% in each module overall.

Semester Modules as per our academic calendar. Timetables will vary..

You’ll have group work during this time with your peers; however, there will also be individual work after and between sessions where you’ll be expected to work through given tasks on the online learning platform.

Our lecturers often utilise group work in lectures, but we do expect you to complete your work independently. Plagiarism is a serious offense at LCIBS, and we expect students to adhere to our plagiarism policy. To assist and support students in establishing good academic practice and integrity, all students have access to Turnitin.

Assessments take all sorts of forms at LCIBS: from presentations to case studies and reports to essays. We believe in assessments that will help you in the real world, so we focus heavily on real life examples. Often at times, you can choose which business examples you’d like to focus on. Our assessments are meant to give all kinds of students the opportunity to show that you can excel.

Each module has at least one or three assessments with the first being a formative assessment that contributes to your overall marks. The second is a summative assignment at the end of the module.

You will have some formal examinations at LCIBS, but the bulk of our assessments take other forms. The board of Examinations, a committee function within LCIBS, assesses student performance through coursework, examinations, or a combination of both.
There are a number of regulations that you need to be aware of when taking an examination:

Examinations are normally silent and therefore all students must keep quiet for the duration of the examination – No talking/ communicating with fellow students.

Once you enter the examination room, you must have with you proof of ID and your student number – these will be needed for verification checking.

Once you have entered the examination room you may not leave within the first 30 minutes or the last 30 minutes of the session, this is so you do not disturb other students.

Examination materials – you must only bring into the examination room the materials that you have been informed about prior to the sessions – some exams may be open book and therefore certain text and notes may be permitted. In closed book examinations, no additional study materials must be brought into the examination – if you are unsure please check with the module leader, student services or student support.

There must be no cheating – any suspicions of unfair practices will be thoroughly investigated. If you are found to be cheating or engaging in unfair practices, there are a number of penalties that could occur, up to being excluded from the college.

Please check the programme details for specific requirements or visit the website.