Quality and Governance


The Governing Body at LCIBS plays an important role in the success, direction, and oversight of the College. Our Board of Directors are an essential part of the LCIBS family and are dedicated to the learning of our students, development of our staff and growth of the College as a whole.

The College is led by an Academic Board who reports to the Board of Directors. The Academic Board provides management guidance and coordination of the college’s activities. In conjunction with our academic team 

The Academic Board is the ultimate academic authority of the Colleges key bodies.

Our Partners

LCIBS works with a range of local, regional and national businesses and providers to ensure we offer the best possible service and experience to our students.

As a college we place significant value in our partnerships with validating and accrediting bodies, all of whom have been carefully selected based on their academic excellence.

LCIBS works alongside a highly respected university that has the strength to make sure students graduate with a degree that is of value and relevant to both students and employers, now and in the future.

Our University Partner has degree-awarding powers that is recognised by the UK authorities, together, we are committed to recruiting qualified students and providing them with the skills to advance professionally and make a positive difference in the world.

LCIBS’ review by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA)

The BQA reports on how well each institution meets their responsibilities for assuring quality and standards, using processes of peer review.

The BQA review involves an in-depth evaluation of the institution’s educational provision and results in a published report that makes judgments and recommendations about academic standards and quality, as well as highlighting good practice.