Quality Assurance

LCIBS is an independent private provider of higher education based in Canada Water, London.

Its programmes are validated by the Botswana Qualification Authority.
LCIBS, in common with other higher education institutions, has a variety of quality assurance and enhancement processes which assure the quality of its provisions and the awards made.

LCIBS has a number of quality assurance processes which include:

Programme Validation and approval

The London College of International Business Studies has a number of quality assurance processes. Programme Validation is the process through which the LCIBS establishes that a programme is academically viable and that all students are offered the best opportunity to learn. Most of all, it is about assuring quality and adding value to the qualifications that all LCIBS graduates achieve.

All our programmes are approved and validated by the Botswana Qualifications Authority. Programmes are designed by professionals across the educational sector and within the LCIBS Faculty, following stringent BQA requirements. The validation process includes a panel that consists of external subject specialists. The validation and approval process considers and approves the structure of programmes, aims and learning outcomes, content, modules, resourcing and assessment strategy.

Student Surveys

LCIBS operates internal surveys at modular level (Module Evaluation Questionnaires) and an annual programme survey. Further specific surveys are also conducted such as the New Joiner Survey (for new students) or other user surveys (e.g. services).