April 2, 2019

4th Industrial Revolution: Lessons from the past

Digital disruption has brought the world to the verge of another major technological and societal shift, one that we’re still grappling to understand. As they say, history repeats itself
March 6, 2019
african entrepreneurs

Seizing the opportunities of emerging tech

You’d never guess that such a tech-driven company was founded by a Boda Boda (motorcycle) driver himself. But Ricky is on a mission. Boda Bodas are the...
February 18, 2019

How to express your individuality in business

The workplace is changing, with organisations that have a diverse workforce proven to be more innovative. Companies are increasingly on the hunt for creative thinkers...
January 24, 2019

Benefits of accelerated study

Sometimes, just sometimes, once the nightclubs have closed, the Mediterranean waters start to chill and the thought of another Mojito reminds you of a...
January 24, 2019
The role of lecturers in the digital era

The role of lecturers in an age where knowledge is ubiquitous

A monk once stood in a medieval courtyard, packed with people clinging to his every word as he recited passages from a manuscript. He spoke, they listened
December 20, 2018

The Golden Rules of goal setting

Rule #1 Don’t get too hung up on setting goals. We’ve all been told how important it is to set goals, and studies have shown that […]
December 6, 2018
The future workplace

The future workplace wants ‘soft’ skills

Five years from now, over one-third of skills (35%) that are considered important in today’s workforce will have changed, according to the World Economic Forum’s The […]
December 4, 2018

Building the five C’s of the future workplace

The workplace as we know it is rapidly transforming. From accounting to law, once sought after job titles are under threat from artificial intelligence (AI). At […]
November 15, 2018
women in business

Changing roles of women in business

Women in business are shaping the future Among the world’s largest 500 companies, only 10.9 % of senior executives are women, according to Weber Schandwick’s Gender Forward […]